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Plaster & Stucco Repairs & Services

Over time, homes require plaster and stucco repair because of leaks, damage and settlement cracks. A variety of color finishes and textures can be installed to match existing surfaces or to create a new look.

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About Plaster and Stucco

Plaster and stucco have been around for centuries. Interior plaster and exterior stucco finishes are used on everything from historical buildings and homes to modern and contemporary structures. While the industry’s materials have remained much the same, technological innovations have improved the inherent durability and flexibility. As in the past, plaster and stucco is typically hand applied by skilled craftsmen.

Today, with the trend towards green building and sustainability, stucco and plaster offer two critical benefits: breathable, making it resistant to mold, and a durable finish requiring minimal maintenance. These advantages make plaster and stucco the preferred choice among architects, builders and homeowners.